How do I pick from all the lenders out there? I quite often hear people say they have gone to their bank for a home loan and have been knocked back. The facts are, all banks are different and they all have different lending policies which means you might not fit their mold. The reality is, we have access to multiple lenders and there is usually an option for most people's situations.
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Do you enjoy your lifestyle and want to keep it? When you work hard to put yourself and your family into a strong financial position, you want to maintain that lifestyle, especially when accidents happen. Life can throw curve balls at us sometimes and we need to make sure we have the protection in place...just in case. A few years ago I hit a tree on my dirt bike and this meant I was unable to work for 3 months. Fortunately, I have income protection which meant I didn't have to sell our family home. Call us for an obligation free check up to make sure you are covered.
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So you've decided to buy an investment property? Once you have your pre-approval then all the fun starts. Searching through Domain and Real Estate websites can be a nightmare, and sometimes the property has already been sold. Questions arise like, "What area should I buy?" and "How do I know what rental return I will achieve?" These are real questions that require an experts advice, someone who deals with property every day. We put you onto an adviser who will guide you through the questions you have to ensure you have a good experience when buying an investment property.
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