Providing residential and commercial finance through multiple lenders

Choosing a lender

Which lender should you go with? Is your work full time, casual or self employed? This is one of many questions which require answers before selecting a lender.

Applying for a loan

Every lender has different requirements for submitting an application. From ID requirements to providing the right supporting documentation in a timely manner, we do all the work for you.

Negotiating with banks

Negotiation with the banks is a unique job which requires an understanding of their language and mindset. Our experience helps get your NO turned into a YES.



We just want to thank David Close for all the hard work he put into helping us. From the day we first met David he has been patient, helpful and professional.

I have already recommended David to some of my friends and would have no hesitation in publicly recommending David to really investigate the market and achieve a great outcome.

Bevan and Brianna Carson

We absolutely recommend David Close. We found his knowledge, advice, regular communication and importantly, follow up, to be exceptional.

Despite some complications with the bank we used, he skilfully negotiated an excellent outcome. It's like having a 'fighter on your side' who takes the stress out of what can be a daunting time.

David is the consummate professional and we felt he went above and beyond with the service he provided.

Trent & Jessica Austin

I would highly recommend David Close to act as your mortgage broker.

I was trying to refinance my mortgage in 2016. I had accumulated a significant credit card debt, I was approaching retirement and my wife had a business that had a tax liability.

I approached the local lender that I had my mortgage with and applied to refinance; that institution declined. I then approached the other local lender who considered my circumstances and declined also. I then approached a prominent mortgage broker for assistance; eventually the refinance was discontinued. Finally, I applied to a specific mortgage provider but they would only agree with a significantly raised interest rate. I began to feel that my options were limited at best.

I approached David and he acted on my behalf. He was able to find a reputable lender that offered me an interest rate that was one of the lowest on the market. This has allowed me to have increased financial freedom and reduced personal stress. David was ethical and reliable throughout the whole process. Thus, I have no hesitation in recommending David to negotiate a mortgage for any prospective client.

Greg Hanington